Politico: JetBlue CEO Says Big Three Don’t Speak For Everybody

Kathy Wolfe – August 25, 2015


In the Open Skies fight, the feud so often gets characterized as U.S. airlines vs. Gulf carriers. But the battle lines don’t break down so clearly, as JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes explained to POLITICO in a recent sit-down interview you can check out this morning: http://politico.pro/1Jt6GtS. “I think we want to make sure that people understand that the big three don’t speak for the whole U.S. airline industry, they speak for themselves,” Hayes said, noting that JetBlue and several other U.S. companies are arguing against the pleas Delta, United and American are making for the Obama administration to renegotiate Open Skies agreements with Etihad, Qatar and Emirates.

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