U.S. Airlines for Open Skies released the following statement in reaction to the introduction of the “Fair and Open Skies Act of 2019” this morning:

“The Fair and Open Skies Act of 2019 placates a narrow segment of the U.S. aviation industry by claiming to address a problem that does not exist. The unquestionably successful U.S. Open Skies framework and the rules governing international carriers’ access to the U.S. market already safeguard the U.S. aviation industry from going the way of the U.S. maritime industry – while also creating American jobs, opening new markets for American businesses, and enabling cargo networks to deliver for consumers and American military forces serving overseas.

“This unnecessary bill only invites retaliation by our international Open Skies partners, with the flying public shouldering the greatest consequences. We strongly oppose this legislation and urge Members of the House and Senate to do the same.”